Concrete Crushing

With the range of 30 to 60 tonne concrete crusher vehicles available at The Demolition Firm Ltd, we can offer both on site and off site concrete crushing, whichever best suits your crushed concrete requirements.

At The Demolition Firm we know that after the demolition of a building, removing all unwanted waste and purchasing new aggregates for a new build can be an expensive process. Everything is more cost effective with us as we are part of a group of companies offering everything from waste clearance to concrete delivery! Our service is a comprehensive concrete crushing service.

Our concrete crushing services are very flexible. Either as a complete waste management solution through our other company Clear A Waste or through individual concrete crusher hire. Each of our crusher vehicles are operated by a fully trained and experienced member of our team. This means that we can provide a seamless, safe and professional service each and every time.

The Demolition Firm Ltd

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