What is Dust Suppression?

Approximately 12,000 lung disease deaths in the UK each year are thought to be linked to past exposures in the workplace. Of these exposures, dust is a significant contributor. For these reasons, it is critical that dust be suppressed in the workplace as much as possible, with the demolition and… Read More »

What Is Hand Demolition?

When you think of demolition, you might think of big explosions, huge wrecking balls and crashing buildings, but not all demolition jobs are quite so extreme. Hand demolition is a lesser-known demolition method that can be just as effective. Find out precisely what hand demolition is in this month’s article.… Read More »

What Is A Section 80 Demolition Notice?

Sometimes you just have to knock a building down. It might be in such a state of disrepair that it’s not worth doing up anymore. Perhaps it’s in the way of another, bigger project. Or maybe you just don’t like it anymore. Whatever the case, in the same way that… Read More »

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