What Is Hand Demolition?

When you think of demolition, you might think of big explosions, huge wrecking balls and crashing buildings, but not all demolition jobs are quite so extreme. Hand demolition is a lesser-known demolition method that can be just as effective. Find out precisely what hand demolition is in this month’s article.

What is hand demolition?

Hand demolition is the process of demolishing a building using hand tools. Unlike more explosive demolition methods, hand demolition is a progressive process. Instead of demolishing a building or structure in a single explosion, operatives deconstruct the building piece by piece. It can be helpful to think of it as the opposite of construction.

Hand demolition is only used for small-scale demolition projects or when demolition is required to be carried out in a more controlled and sensitive manner. 

What is the benefit of hand demolition?

On the face of it, it may seem that hand demolition is just a slower method of demolishing a building — so what is the point? Quite simply, hand demolition allows the operatives to salvage as many materials as they can. Once salvaged, these materials can be reused or recycled.

Explosive demolition methods destroy a lot of the material, rendering it useless to recycle or repurpose. By salvaging the materials, operatives can save a lot of money and resources for future projects. 

Hand demolition may also be the only viable option in areas where machinery is unsuitable due to access problems. In these cases, hand demolition is chosen out of necessity but still provides an effective result.

Hand demolition is the safest method of demolition and is always undertaken in conjunction with risk assessments and our method statements.


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