Piling Mats

The Demolition Firm Ltd supply piling mats for demolition projects. A piling mat is a solid foundation for building a piling rig on. The mat has to have the strength to carry a rig weighing over 30 tonnes and be able to hold the weight of the piles that will go on it.

In the majority of projects, there will be the need for digging or grading of the ground surface. We will also need to remove any obstructions for the preparation of the ground for the piling mat and rig. Electricity and water services will need to be diverted on the site as well.

Depending on the specific requirements of the piling rig design, the piling mat is typically comprised of a geotextile membrane laid on the prepared subgrade soil surface. This is then covered with granular material (particle size normally 75mm down to dust) laid to the thickness specified in the design. Contact us for a quotation.

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