Soft Strip Out

The Demolition Firm Ltd. has many years of experience completing interior soft strip outs. Soft stripping is the preparation of a structure for demolition or reuse. All of the fixtures and fittings, such as the doors, windows, floors and even bathrooms and kitchens are removed from the premises, with only the steel, concrete or brickwork frame remaining.

Roofing structures are often removed during this stage of the process, dependent on our clients requirements, the location and also the structural safety of the building.

Why The Demolition Firm Ltd?


We have undertaken projects in various locations, all needing meticulous planning in order to minimise the impact on businesses employees, residents and the public. We have achieved solutions for all potential issues with a building strip out. With the willingness to work hours to the convenience of any company or situation. Working with our clients to make sure that the project is worked on safely and with as little disruption as possible. We have worked with national developers, planning consultants and building contractors and we offer a thorough strip out service.

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